anaerobic, aerobic, facultative anaerobic combination process of the microorganism


SUBION is the name of our product which is a combination of soil microorganism.
It is the best and easiest to approach the soil microorganisms through the soil microbiology. The soil microbiology is to study the physiological function and ecological characteristics of microorganism that live in the soil and its effect on the quality of the soil.

The soil microbiology also evaluates the behaviors of the soil microorganisms in terms of ecology. The soil ecology is a living nature the mutually interlinks the physical soil providing nutrients, the chemical mediums and biological characters.

Survival range for soil microorganism to perform can be the entire earth biosphere. Study of the survival ability of microorganism is done and being applied which might arouse the conceptual issues. Is it still the soil microorganism when they are artificially cultivated to be administered in the soil.

The answer simply is ‘no’ since the cultivating environment is different that the ability of the microorganism evolved differently to have much less inherent activities.

Microorganisms also need energy just as any higher organism to perform. Substances necessary for the microbial metabolism are introduced from outside which causes suspension of loss of unnecessary functions in order to reduce the energy consumption required in the self-production. It was found in an experiment that microorganism with ability to secure nitrogen losses its ability in the repetitious experiments.

Meanwhile, metabolism of various indigenous soil microbes is reduced in a great deal with the introduction of foreign microbes from outside. That is why it is difficult to expect to see the experimental results when the cultivated microbes are introduced in the soil. This may be caused by the varying nature and complexity of the soil environment but there also is the protective immune system which tends to maintain the unique characteristics inherent in the healthy soil ecosystem.

  • Sewer and waste processing product.
  • Sewer and waste processing product.
  • Agricultural soil conditioner.
  • Livestock environment conditioner.
  • Composting catalyst (hog manure turned into the soil conditioner).


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