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Areas of improementEnvironment improvement effect
Livestock farm
  • Elimination of odor in cattle shed, hog farm and poultry house
  • Decomposition of livestock waste on the floor and walls.
  • Reduction of bateria growing naturally due to uric acid on the floor and preventing transmission of infectious disease.
  • Growth promotion
  • Less use of antibiotic or disinfectant
Feeding opening
  • Elimination of odor. Inhibition of feed waste left on the bottom of the feeder and fly habitation by regular application
  • Increased immunity and digesting ability
  • Prevention of skin disease
Overall effects on the livestock shed
  • Livestock shed environment is significantly improved and disease occurrences among farm hands have reduced.
  • Odor in the livestock shed and skin diseases of hogs have been reduced
  • Odor on the feeding opening reduced
  • Less flies and mosquitoes, and effective eradication
  • GI disease (constipation or diarrhea) of the livestock and mortality of young stocks have been reduced
  • Generation of compost from manure and odorless organic compost
  • Minimized cost by recycling the livestock waste.Farm income increased
  • Reduction of respiratory disease due to less ammonia gas by spreading it on the floor of the poultry farm.
  • Increased production in the poultry house
  • Increased feed effectiveness and sped growth age up