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Reduction process that restore the ecosystem. Rapid increase in summer temperature due to the climate change is intensifying each year. There are more occurrences of green algae phenomena in streams and reservoirs. More fish die from red algae in the ocean recently.

Ammonia(NH4+-N) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the sediment in the streams and reservoirs cause more green algae due to increase in temperature. T-N and T-P are the pollutants causing the green algae. In other words, we have to eliminate nitrogen (T-N) and phosphorus (T-P) in order to eliminate the green algae.

It is urgent to facilitate the self-purification ability in streams and reservoirs through the BROSO, a biological process. Restoring the tributaries of large river is one way to prevent the green algae and even the red algae in the ocean.

Nitrogen cycleNitrogen in soil or water is reduced through the processes of organic nitrogen NH3-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, N2. Ammonia and nitrite in particular are the substrate for the growth of green algae.
Phosphorus cyclePhosphorus is classified as the organic phosphorous (protein) and non-organic phosphorous (phosphate). The phosphorate-phosphorus is further classified as monophosphorous (others phate, PO43-) and poly phosphates. The monophosphorous is soluble and polyphosphates precipitable which turns into soluble by the activity of microorganisms. The monophosphorous influences greatly in growth of algae and aquatic plants.
Contaminant processing stages.The first stage to eliminate the contaminants in eco system is by microorganisms. Microorganisms are classified as aerobic and anaerobic. Anaerobic microbial decomposes the chain structure of molecules of organic matter and other hazardous substances to reduce in size while aerobic microbial continuously oxidize the reduced matters using oxygen to eliminate contaminants.
Maintain the eco system balance.More than 1 million microorganisms are contained in soil in balance which provides self-purification ability to soil. But with excessive nutrients and chemical contaminants, soil has lost its self-purification ability. Maintaining the balance in eco system is the best index of technology.