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I am CTO of Bio Korea, Kim Junhong

Welcome to BioVan Korea. If there is one thing we must do, it is to preserve the beautiful nature and pass it down to our descendants. Excessive T-N and T-P from industrious development, aggressive agriculture and explosive population growth has reached serious level in soil and water contaminations.

Korea is surrounded by ocean in three sides. We have responsibility and obligation to maintain the ocean as it is treasure house of foodstuffs. Marine vegetable and shellfish disappear due to contamination by red algae and organic substance every year.

And the contaminated area is growing each year. BioVan is in pursuit of the “International environmental quality standards” advocated by ISO14001 as our corporate environmental goal. We will increase the self-purification ability in eco-friendly ways by purifying the sludge beds in streams, rivers and reservoirs which will help balance the global environmental ecosystem.

With biological soil remediation and water management technology, T-N and T-P are effectively reduced without the use of coagulant.

Thank you.

  CTO    Kim jun-hong