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UN had established UNEP in 1992 and strictly regulates any environmental degradation in order to sustain a healthy environment. Korea administration had declared the “environment vision 21” in 1996 showing its commitment to give higher priority to environment maintenance.


The environmental contamination is not only a threat to every living organism on earth but also an issue to solve to avoid unimaginable disaster. Particularly in terms of the water quality, only 1,800 ton out of 2,700 ton of daily sewage & water waster is purified while the rest is discharged without any process. Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus in the waste cause the green algae phenomena in streams, rivers and reservoirs. Oceans around is infested with red algae killing tons of shellfish which we don’t have any solutions for.


BioVan has come up with a breakthrough process to reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus and now is able to process highly contaminated waste water (8.5 million ton of industrial waste water and 190,000 ton of livestock waste as of 2001). Additionally, we are able to process the chemical dioxin. We also have developed the biological treatment that does not cause secondary contamination which enables which enables us to complete remove organic sediments from polluted reservoirs or lakes without dredging operation. This process is applicable to body of water that is polluted, even ocean water.


BioVan now is receiving a lot of praise for water purification projects in polluted streams and reservoirs. This process has been used in numerous places to bring down the contaminants below the specification stipulated by the regulation. Since it uses living microorganisms to bring up the contamination sediments without any phycisal process and expose them to the carbonization by sunlight. It is an ideal remediation to keep the water clean and pure.


BioVan has place priority on the quality/environment policies required by the ISO international validation authority to lead the environment improvement of the 21st century. We would like to grow into the top company doing our best with such visions for the customer satisfaction.