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Soil and water environment sector is a combined technology of Geology and engineering process which requires know-how based on the understanding of the technology media. Services of Biovan Korea are based on actual soil and water quality management experiences through the prevention, investigation, purification and follow-up of the source of contamination.

In the advanced nations, they are leaning towards the eco-friendly and low energy purification process with the introduction of the green remediation recently. The purification concept has changed to return the soil to its original state with the green remediation technology instead of simply processing the contaminants.

BioVan Korea has the biological soil and water purification technology using the environment microorganisms. Objectives of our researches are: more economic and effective purification technology development; the final microbial development through the molecular biological research (DNA Cloning, protein refinement and structure analysis) of enzymes related to the nitrogen, phosphorus, starch, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cellulose, nucleic acids, heavy metals, oil and organic compounds derived from the microorganism; the remediation of the natural environment through its applications in the polluted sites; and the bio technology preventing the contamination of soil, water and groundwater.

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