Company Overview

회사개요 Comfortable environment and beautiful dream.

BioVan Korea has the technology of purification process (livestock waste, industrial waste, food waste, household waste) with natural environmental microorganism (sediment and soil remediation of contaminated rivers and reservoirs, odor removal and algae growth inhibition).

BWAT21-SYSTEM is a unique system to process the bio waste using organic sludge. We are certified with a patent on the nature-friendly waste process system with the application of state-of-the-art biotechnology. The process is focused on recovering the self-purifying ability of water to convert the contaminated layer to healthy soil based on the belief that water improvement should come from the purified bottom sludge.

We are also certified with ISO quality environment 9001 and 14001. BioVan Korea gives first priority to the quality/environment policy that is required by the ISO international certification bodies. We are a leading company to improve the environment in 21st century through the expertise advantages with a vision to provide the best customer satisfaction through continuous research and development. We will advance to be a company who contributes to the human welfare.


1. Soil Remediation (organic sludge, oil contamination, heavy metal, chemically contaminated soil, etc.)

2. Stream•Reservoir remediation projects (contaminated streams, agricultural reservoir, etc.)

3. Sewage & waste water processing projects (industrial, livestock, house sewage, etc.) Processing facility design & construction

4. Livestock environment improvement projects (poultry farm, hog barn, cowshed, etc.)


SUBION(Super Bio On(Plus)) has been developed by BioVan Korea which is a combination of complex environmental microorganisms of anaerobic, aerobic and facultative anaerobic, and complex enzymes.

BWAT-21 System (Biovan Wastewater Application Technology)
BROST (Biological Reactor for Organic Sludge Treatment)

Patent: No. 0451939 / Sewage & waste water processing system
Patent: No. 10-1238262 / Microorganism production processing system